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In the midst of the cold war, American satellites have picked up the construction of a Soviet nuclear power plant along with strong radiation detection, showing that safety precautions are not being taken. Mission Control sends you on a mission to shut down the power plant from further damage to Europe.

Developer Note:

While I do want to advertise this game, I gotta be transparent in the way that this is a game showing off the dynamic pathfinding, allowing the user to input a string of text, then the AI's will build their own path to patrol based on that. I'm pretty pleased on how the feature turned out, but I  don't think it makes for an extremely exciting game since I focused more on that feature.

Known bugs:

The game has been tailored for 16:9 and 1080p, due to how the in-game radar works, it won't function correctly on another resolution


Operation Glowman.zip 152 MB

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